How We Operate

The Chamber of Feoffees is made up of 16 Members drawn from the local community. 4 are nominated by the Parish Council and the remaining Members are appointed for the particular skills and experience which they can bring to the work of the Chamber. They are all volunteers. The first lady Feoffee in the Chamber’s history Mrs Lucy Dack was appointed in December 2021. See Historic appointment…

Each January one of the Feoffees is elected as Chairman for the coming year. The Chairman is supported by a Deputy who in turn becomes Chairman the following year. The Feoffees also appoint a Treasurer to oversee the accounts and a Bailiff to organise and administer the work of the Chamber. For further information on the work of the Bailiff see Bailiff’s Role. The Members are appointed to various sub committees including Finance, Property, Town Hall, Constitutional Matters and the Banquet which take the lead in handling those aspects of the business of the Chamber.

The Colyton Chamber of Feoffees became a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) in 2016: Charity reg no 1169081. Before that the Chamber administered the Parish Lands Charity. See Parish Lands Charity for further information. It holds in trust properties and land, the proceeds of rents from which are used for the benefit of the local community, either in the making of donations to individuals or loans or grants to local organisations. Requests for support are considered at monthly Chamber meetings held in the Town Hall. For further information on how to apply for a donation or loan please see DonationsHow to Apply.

The Feoffees also hire out the Town Hall and St John Hall to sports groups and for events and meetings. For further information see hiring Town Hall.

When work is required at any of their properties the Chamber seeks to employ local tradesmen and businesses where ever possible.

Historically, the Chamber of Feoffees performed a number of important roles within the local community. For further information see a Short History of the Colyton Chamber of Feoffees.