Who We Are

The Colyton Chamber of Feoffees was created in the middle of the 16th Century and has served the people and Parish of Colyton ever since, providing a range of public services, local administration and charitable acts in an unbroken line for nearly five hundred years.

While many of its local public service functions were gradually taken over down the centuries by the Parish Council and/or subsumed by local public administration, the Chamber continues to deliver its charitable function, dispensing grants and loans to worthy local causes and in cases of personal individual hardship.

The Chairman is elected each January for a year, by the Members of the Chamber. The Chairman for 2022 is John Mills and his Deputy is Julian Hurford.


Mr Julian Hurford

Deputy Chairman

Mr Phil Richards


Mr Geoff Clode


Miss Sarah Charman
The members of the Chamber of Feoffees in the year 2024:

Mr Julian Hurford (Chairman)
Mr Phil Richards (Deputy Chairman)
Mr Colin Chesterton
Mr Geoff Clode

Mrs Lucy Dack (first Lady Feoffee)
Rev Dr Steven Martin
Mr Jeremy Mears
Mr John Mills
Mr Colin Pady

Mr Andrew Parr
Mr Simon Parsons
Mr Ryan Smith
Mr Jonathan Sweetland

Mr Verdun Trott
Mr Rodney Turner
Mr Tony Underdown

How we operate

Bailiff’s role

Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Former Chairmen

Former Bailiffs

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