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Today the Chamber of Feoffees works closely with and supports the Parish Council which came into existence, as part of national municipal reforms, in 1894 and has assumed some of the Feoffees original responsibilities.  Historically the Chamber, which was established in 1546, provided effective public administration for the Parish of Colyton.  The Chamber founded Colyton Grammar School in the sixteenth century and in subsequent centuries the Feoffees provided a water supply for the town, and facilitated the establishment of a fire service and street lighting. In times of great hardship it also set up a soup kitchen and provided bags of seed potatoes for the poor to plant and blankets for the needy. For more information on the historic role of the Chamber see a Short History of the Colyton Chamber of Feoffees.

The Feoffees have always placed a high priority on supporting young people to establish themselves in a career. Historically they helped organise apprenticeships. Today they assist young people with grants to purchase the basic tools of their chosen trade or to participate in volunteering expeditions overseas or specific types of training. The Chamber’s chief responsibilities today, in addition to maintaining its property estate, are the awarding and administration of donations and loans to the local community and hiring out the Town Hall and St John Hall. For further information on applying for a donation or loan see Donationshow to apply and terms and conditions. For further information on hiring the Town Hall – see Town Hall.

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