Donations & Grants

How to apply for a grant or loan from the Feoffees

The Colyton Chamber of Feoffees CIO is a registered charity (no 1169081) which makes donations and grants or loans to worthy local causes and in cases of individual hardship or need.

In times gone by, the Chamber has provided seed potatoes for local people to grow, coal to warm their homes in winter and has set up soup kitchens when times were particularly hard. In cases of personal hardship, individuals have in the past been helped to obtain medical treatment, a new set of teeth or a new pair of boots for a child.

The Feoffees have always placed a high priority on supporting young people to establish themselves in a career by helping them to purchase the basic tools of their chosen trade. More recently they have made grants for specific learning activities such as purchasing an expensive text book or contributing towards the cost of travel for a period of academic study overseas.

How to apply

  • Written applications should be addressed to the Bailiff: by letter to the Town Hall, Market Place, Colyton, Devon EX24 6JR or by email to

Terms and conditions

  • There is only one condition for individuals or groups applying for a donation from the Colyton Chamber of Feoffees – the recipient must live (or be normally resident in) the Parish of Colyton which includes Colyford.
  • Applications made by local organisations for a loan or grant should be for the benefit of the community. Funding by the Chamber is intended to provide a ‘pump priming’ contribution to encourage organisations to seek additional support from other sources.