Fifty years a Feoffee

08 / 09 / 2020

On 8 September 1970, Colin Pady became a Feoffee. Tonight his colleagues on the historic Colyton Chamber of Feoffees commemorated his fifty years of public service with a surprise presentation following their regular, socially distanced, monthly meeting. The Chamber of Feoffees was established in 1546 with a Royal Charter from King Henry Vlll.

Presenting him with a signed certificate marking his 50 years as a Feoffee, Chairman of the Chamber of Feoffees, Colin Chesterton, congratulated Colin Pady on his remarkable record of public service to the community of Colyton Parish which he noted Colin was still continuing to serve both as a Feoffee and a Parish Councillor. The Chairman also presented him with three pictures of Colyton, a celebratory cake – made by Feoffee’s wife Sam Underdown – and he explained that the Chamber would also like to give Mr Pady a tree of his choosing to plant in the community woodland. It was hoped to be able to arrange a public tree planting ceremony sometime in the autumn.

Responding to the Chairman, Mr Pady thanked colleagues for their generosity which he said was much appreciated. He would be very pleased to choose a walnut tree. Colin said it had been a great privilege for him to serve the community all these years and he would endeavour to continue to do so to the best of his ability. He recalled he had been proud to replace Sir Alec Zealey in 1970 and he still had the letter he had received from the then Bailiff, Miles Clayton, appointing him to the post. Since his appointment he had worked with seven Bailiffs.

Recalling notable events in his 50 years of service, Mr Pady said he remembered particularly the building of a new Town Hall kitchen in 1985 which had replaced the cramped, dark facilities that had previously existed under the stage. He also recalled the days when smoking was common place and how much better meetings were now that it had been banned in public spaces! Colin said he had enjoyed his three stints as Chairman in 1991, 2001 and again in 2013 when the Chamber had taken the historic step of appointing its first lady Bailiff.

The Chamber also presented Colin’s wife Val with a bouquet for her loyal support of Colin throughout his years of service.